It’s A Big Deal

I think most people who know my story think that the reason I am in the business of “encouraging adoption” is because of how adoption has played out in my life. Yes, adoption has been wonderful to me. God has used the vehicle of adoption to bring me into a faith relationship with Himself. He used adoption to allow me to be in a great family, raised by a great mom and dad. Later God allowed me to meet my birth brothers and sister. They are such a huge source of happiness to me. I am so glad that I get to be a part of their lives. God has also allowed me to become an adoptive father. I love my kids. They make me smile on the inside. Even in all of our struggle to figure out this thing called family, I am so glad that I get to be their dad. Yes, adoption is a big deal to me.

But I’m not in the “encouraging adoption” business because it is a big deal to me. I’m in the “encouraging adoption” business, because adoption is a big deal to God. Let me share why.

In the first chapter of Ephesians, we find out that “God’s plan before the beginning of time was to adopt us into His family as His dearly loved children through Jesus Christ. And that gave Him great pleasure.” If you have begun a faith based relationship with God through belief in Jesus, you have been Spiritually adopted into God’s family. And according to this passage, that was God’s plan since before there was time. That is His desire for every person on the planet. 

That’s a big deal.

Did you know that over a hundred times in the Bible God instructs us to care for the fatherless? God chose the nation of Israel to be His chosen people. He set them apart from the other nations. Ultimately they were set apart so that the Messiah – Jesus, the savior of the world, would come into the world through their nation. But He also set them apart so that they could reflect His glory, and so that the other nations could see Him. To show the other nations Himself through Israel, He established His covenant and His law. As His people followed His covenant and law they were different than all the other nations. In Deuteronomy, God spells out functionally how His children are to be different from all the other nations. In Deuteronomy, eleven times God says to care for the fatherless. He even sets up governmental and religious systems to functionally meet their needs. One of the biggest ways Israel was different from all the other nations was in how they cared for the fatherless. 

That’s a big deal.

Who is the biggest figure in the Old Testament? It’s Moses. Consider his story. God’s children are in slavery in Egypt. God is going to deliver them out of slavery, but before He can do it He knows that they will need a leader. But who in a nation of slaves knows how to lead a nation? How about the one Hebrew kid who was adopted into Pharaoh’s family, and raised a Prince? That kid’s name was Moses and he has an adoption story.

That’s a big deal.

Who is the biggest figure in the Bible? Jesus. Let’s not forget that the Son of God was also the adopted son of Joseph. 

That’s a big deal. 

That’s why I’m in the business of encouraging adoption. It’s a big deal to God. It should be a big deal to us. I know that not everyone is called to adopt a child. Not everyone should adopt a child. But I also know that everyone is called to support adoption and orphan care, and everyone should support adoption and orphan care. I would love to talk with you about how you can get involved with adoption. And don’t forget …

It’s a big deal.


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