The Ache For A Family

I have been in Houston since June 29th and I started my new role as President of Pathways For Little Feet on July 1st. I have been here for over a week and I am so glad that God has brought my life to this work. I was made for this.

My tasks from day to day vary greatly. I wear lots of different hats. But at the end of the day the work that I do helps children become permanent members of loving families. Without a doubt the best part of my job is calling families to let them know that Pathways is able to fund their adoptions. As you can imagine there is stunned silence, tears of joy and cheers on the other end of the phone. I have a fun job.

While I have been here in Houston, Jennifer and the kids have been in Johnson City. They will remain in Johnson City until Jennifer is able to transition her career to Houston. Until then I will commute between the two cities.

While I absolutely love my job, I also absolutely miss my family. I have discovered that at the end of the day when I head back to the temporary home that I am staying in I have an ache to be with my family. My life is empty without them. I am thankful that this will only be a short term thing.

As I think about the ache that I have to be reunited with my family, I also think about what it must be like for children who do not have a family of their own. Their ache must be like my ache amplified by a million.

Knowing this makes what we do at Pathways so important. We envision a world where every child is a permanent member of a loving family. Pathways is committed to making that world a reality – one funded adoption at a time.

We do this work to relieve the ache of a child longing for a family because we know that The Father has an ache also. His ache is to be the Father of the fatherless. When you join Him in that work – His heart is happy.

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